I am grateful to Civil for teaching this program it truly is life changing.
One of the most rewarding days for me was studying and meditating on the concept of Trust. For the first time in my life I felt I was truly able to trust that everything is going according to a divine plan. Once I was able to accept that truth I felt a huge sense of peace. I recommend to everyone to take the course. It will change the way you see the world.
— Rachael

Anyone who is contemplating taking Civil’s courses…

if they want to have peace within, or from the inside out, take this course. I feel it is a gift for the soul and it should be a must for everyone in this human world. To understand where everything we do in life comes from God/universal mind and using the power of our mind,..life becomes very pleasant and simple. All the concepts build on each other and it was structured in a way that fit my being. I remember feeling so excited with what I learned in the first week and you saying wait till you get to the end.

The greatest benefit was learning how to challenge negative self beliefs. I achieved true Peace-by putting thoughts, emotions and actions into place with the tools I was given.
— Gina

I feel more in control of my emotions, less guilt, more positive emotions overall. I learned how to challenge negative self-beliefs.

I realized that I was holding a lot of guilt and feeling “weak” because of developing diabetes. Felt like I had to prove myself or work harder to make up for my short comings. But, now I know the truth, that I am whole and I do not have anything that I have to apologize for or to prove.

This course is one of the best courses that I could have taken for improving my thought life. Daily calls with meditation coach, mp3s to help support growth/healing. Some feelings that initially feel uncomfortable to confront may come up, but don’t be afraid to deal with them…just confront them. You will feel so much better in the end.
— Margaret

I gained a renewed faith that my higher power is in control and to trust this process. I refocused on what I truly wanted and who I truly am. I diffused situations from escalating to potentially harmful actions by using the tools provided in the program.
— Andy

Civil created a confidential and safe space for me to share my true self without any worry of judgment. Civil was flexible with my schedule, especially after my husband was hospitalized. She was compassionate as well as professional.

I connected with God/Higher Power through the meditations in a much more clear way than in other times of meditation. I felt a tremendous peace during tumultuous times as a result of the truth I found during these meditations.

This course takes a willingness to open your mind as well as your heart. It will enrich your spiritual journey and enhance your tool kit of meditation techniques, creating a transformative change in one’s life.
That change includes greater self-awareness, a willingness, and trust as a foundation for the freedom to live in a richer and more meaningful way.
— Francis

It has been so joyful and expansive beyond words!!
Through this course, I have evoked my Spiritual being and deepened my relationship to the Divine. I no longer feel the reigns of Ego leading my way. I now honor and challenge my highest potential in all aspects of life. I am walking in true joy, expansive and connected to it all.

My “aha” moment was when I realized, through this course, that I had shifted from being someone with dreams to someone living dreams as they unfold. If you have ever felt stuck in any or all aspects of life, wanted to create purpose or wondered how to take it to the next level, this course is it!
— Tina

This Transformational course has instilled in me peace and harmony, and it has released fear of the future.
I have declining eyesight, but my ability to “see” the truth of my being is increasing—-no coincidence! This course is a superior tool for finding the real you—-thus inner peace.
— mary

I believe Transformation Meditation should be a required course for everyone. I have taken the course with Civil 4 times and have recommended it to many people. My daughter, boyfriend, best friend, etc.(the ripple effect continues)have taken the course and it was amazing to see the changes in their lives. I am astounded each time at the evolutionary change in my thoughts/beliefs and how my awareness has expanded. My life is more joyful. Releasing un-truths about myself, has allowed me to become the strongest and happiest ever.
— diane