about Transformational Meditation™

Pioneered by Dr. Libby Adams, www.academyofselfknowledge.com, Transformational Meditation™ is an exercise that facilitates the evolution and transformation of the “separated” self using The Self and Greater Power (God, Universal Mind, etc.) as a Source of Truth. Transformational Meditation™ allows students to eliminate the barriers that are preventing them from expressing the wholeness of The Self.

Because Transformational Meditation™ creates new positive, non-conscious beliefs, current limiting beliefs are eliminated, along with the accompanying negative emotions and unwanted or destructive behaviors. It allows the students to tap into their INNER AWARENESS, that place where their own answers are found: THE SELF.

This form of meditation differs from other types of meditation in that a very specific outcome is determined before entering the state of meditation. Resolution and the accompanying transformation occur while in the meditative state and, once achieved, the exercise is then complete.

Meditation is one of the most powerful practices for awakening to your True Self

Your True Self has clarity. Your True Self is at peace. Your True Self is Self-reliant, evolutionary, creative, and knowing.

Once you begin to recognise and encourage the qualities of your True Self, your life will begin to change. You’ll make better choices. You’ll expand your awareness. You’ll discover and encourage your purpose. You challenge yourself to meet new goals.


I offer three courses to MEET YOU WHEREVER YOU’RE AT where I teach you how to harness your thoughts to be in alignment with your True Self; and how to access Truth through meditation to restore yourself to your True Self.

Read below to learn more about the different courses I facilitate.




A two-hour one-on-one discovery session where you will:

  • Gain clarity on how automatic limiting patterns get created and greatly influence your life

  • Find out why “I” is such a powerful word and LEARN how to use it for your greatest benefit

  • Identify a “part of you” that is currently holding you back and transform it

  • Activate the different aspects of your mind as a united force for achievement

  • Eliminate self-talk and learn how to let go of negativity from the past and make new choices in the present

  • Discover why affirmations alone cannot change limiting beliefs, and experience how those beliefs CAN be changed

  • Experience an Alignment and Transformational Meditation™ to tap into your inner power

  • Utilize your Greater Power to free yourself from a limiting belief of your choice






Seven consecutive days of one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions where you will:

  • Firmly embed your commitment in your Purpose, by learning what commitment is and is not

  • Prioritize what’s important to you and take action on it

  • Learn what is necessary to take control of your life by creating a good plan

  • Focus on action that takes you closer to your Purpose, with support, encouragement and guidance

  • Experience Transformational Meditation™ on a daily basis which will allow you to clear more of the thoughts, emotions and actions that have been impeding your progress

  • Learn how to become self-reliant and self-disciplined – in spite of “obstacles” that may arise







The 28-day Mastery of “Self” Intensive Course empowers you to achieve the heights of success and fulfillment of your dreams.

Using your Greater Power as your guide, you will learn the skills necessary to consistently break through barriers that have been holding you back in life. By establishing new, powerful beliefs and habits, you experience permanent changes necessary to create an extraordinary life.

Daily sessions will include facilitated Transformational Meditation™, the main technology that I teach to resolve and remove any limiting belief.

In this 28 day intensive you will:

  • Create a personal mission statement and a personal action plan

  • Find new empowered awareness and clarity

  • Eliminate uncertainty and other destructive beliefs; create beliefs that drive you forward with inspiration and enthusiasm

  • Access and strengthen your intuition and be a powerful decision maker

  • Access your Higher Truth and experience Freedom and Guidance at will.


A different concept of study for each day…

Desire; Clarity; Purpose; Commitment; Order; Self Discipline; Self Reliance

Focus; Awareness; The Now; Perception; The Sixth Sense; Truth; Choice

Surrender; Trust; Willingness; Power; Non-resistance; Non-attachment; Forgiveness

Fearlessness; Love; Humility; Selflessness; Gratitude; Cheerfulness; Freedom