Civil Adams McGowan

Do you want to restore yourself back to who you were created to be?


Are you ready to find your Higher Purpose? Do you intuitively understand that your True Self is destined for more?

You are aware that we are living in an extraordinary time – the “Great Turning” as coined by Joanna Macy, the “New Thinking” predicted by Albert Einstein, and the culmination of all great philosophers who found that we all contain one Universal Truth – our True Self.  As individuals, we are now embracing True Self as our Identify. 

Your True Self has clarity. Your True Self is at peace. Your True Self is Self-reliant, evolutionary, creative, and knowing.


I help you on your path to living as your True Self in two ways…



Understanding the Mind and False Beliefs

The subconscious mind stores beliefs that were often formed based on an incorrect interpretation of an event. Those limiting beliefs run automatically, because the conscious mind cannot reprogram the subconscious. You therefore discover that you have based your Identity on false beliefs.  Many false beliefs are formed before the age of 7, when the mind is looking for meaning and automatically accepts, (and often misinterprets) what is going on in its environment.

We have been taught to identify with the ego mind, which is fear-based and believes in limitation and struggle. We have been taught that we aren't quite good enough the way we are. We are challenging these old ways of thinking. We are evolving.  

“We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of consciousness we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking.” Albert Einstein.

I teach you how to step in and change old ways of thinking and create YOUR TRUE SELF.



Experiencing Truth in Meditation

It is a knowingness firmly rooted in the depth of the soul.  You experience peace and expansion and Self-discovery.  Over time, this knowingness shows itself in your outer world, influencing your life and all of those around you.  We each have unique talents and ways of serving and expressing Truth in the world. When you align your gifts with Truth, you are supported by the Universe.  Nothing is holding you back; you create from a field of infinite possibilities.

I teach two meditation techniques:

Primordial Sound Meditation — link to header

Transformational Meditation TfM-link


Begin your journey to your True Self.