Transformational Meditation™ is an exercise that facilitates the evolution and transformation of the “separated” self using The Self and Greater Power (God, Universal Mind, etc.) as a Source of Truth. Transformational Meditation™ allows students to eliminate the barriers that are preventing them from expressing the wholeness of The Self.

Because Transformational Meditation™ creates new positive, non-conscious beliefs, current limiting beliefs are eliminated, along with the accompanying negative emotions and unwanted or destructive behaviors. It allows the students to tap into their INNER AWARENESS, that place where their own answers are found: THE SELF.

This form of meditation differs from other types of meditation in that a very specific outcome is determined before entering the state of meditation. Resolution and the accompanying transformation occur while in the meditative state and, once achieved, the exercise is then complete.



To facilitate people to reclaim and manifest their True Selves which allows them to experience happiness, success and fulfillment.


Core beliefs and philosophy

  • Information without transformation is impotent

  • People must know who they are

  • People must know why they are here (purpose) and LIVE their purpose in order to experience happiness, success and fulfillment

  • They must know HOW to remove the blocks/barriers preventing them from doing so

  • Most people do not know how, but everyone can learn

  • People are already WHOLE ; they are just limiting themselves by past, faulty, non-conscious programming

  • It is an easy process to change non-conscious programming with the right technology and support